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Toisia ääniä: Heli Hartikainen, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

Toisia ääniä: Heli Hartikainen, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen


Heli Hartikainen: puhaltimet
Jukka-Pekka Kervinen: kitara, elektroniikka

Pe 28.4.2023 klo 18.00-20.00
Vapaa pääsy
Tukholmankatu 7 K, 00270 Helsinki


Heli Hartikainen on rajoja rikkova saksofonisti, klarinetisti, säveltäjä ja esiintyvä taiteilija, jonka erityisaloja ovat vapaa improvisaatio ja monitaiteinen työskentely. Hartikaisen omaleimainen sävelkieli, rikas saksofonisoundi ja holistinen heittäytymiskyky ovat tehneet hänestä kysytyn esiintyjän vapaan taiteen kentillä. Hartikainen tunnetaan erityisesti sooloprojektistaan CHRONOVARIATIONS, joka oli osa vuoden 2022 Flow Festivalia ja taidefolk-yhtyeestään Aoide, jonka ensilevyn levy-yhtiö Helmi Levyt julkaisi syksyllä 2020.

Heli Hartikainen. Kuva: Heidi Piiroinen

Jukka-Pekka Kervinen on säveltäjä, ja muusikko, Wandelweiser-kollektiivin jäsen. Muusikkona hän on keskittynyt kokeelliseen, vapaaseen improvisaatioon ja erilaisiin algoritmisiin systeemeihin. Hänen uusimmat levyt on julkaistu eri levy.yhtiöillä kuten Edgetone Records, pan y rosas discos ja Creative Sources Recordings.

Håkon Lie(NO), Sindre Bjerga (NO), Jukka Kääriäinen: 3 x solos

Håkon Lie (NO), Sindre Bjerga (NO), Jukka Kääriäinen: 3 x solos

Mon 3.4.2023, at 18:00

Evening of experimental music.
Three solos from the following performers.
HÅKON LIE (NORWAY) is playing his howling, clacking modified turntables, his distorted tapes and his amplified metal objects in a confusing, fragmented and sometimes humorous fashion. “No idea who Håkon Lie is, I’m presuming he’s not the Norwegian politician who passed away in 2009 [Editor’s note: Google journalism at its finest there]. Live tape manipulations are extrapolated into new vistas of nada while battery operated toys are triggered with buttocks. Recognizable chunks of popular music are fed into the belly of the beast and coughed out as garish and slightly frightening splats of wha?? An American instructional tape finishes the set by intoning: We become what we think about” – Luke Vollar, Radio Free Midwich
SINDRE BJERGA (NORWAY) has been active in the shady back alleys of experimental sound since the mid-1990s, exploring drone music, homemade low-tech electronics and sound collaging. He has been touring quite extensively around the world, Europe, UK, Argentina, Russia, Ukraine, South Korea and numerous times in Japan, playing several hundred gigs He has also held numerous workshops for children and adults building sound objects and self-made instruments. Lately Bjerga has been working more with cassette collages, utilizing found tapes as well as pre-recorded tapes, often mixing and stacking sounds from very different sources, creating these odd, unique and even embarrassing moments. The performative elements in the shows have also been highlighted more lately. Bjerga has been known to wander about in the audience, setting up spontaneous fragile “sound sculptures”, tying audience members up with cassette tape exploring the relationship between artist and audience.
JUKKA KÄÄRIÄINEN is a musician and sound artist based in Helsinki Finland. Jukka is an active performer in the Finnish scene of improvised and contemporary music and has collaborated with musicians such as Teppo Hauta-Aho, Kalle Kalima, Harri Sjöström, Emilio Gordoa, Elena Kakaliagou, Rieko Okuda, Antti Virtaranta, Roomet Jakapi, Lauri Hyvärinen, Ilia Belorukov, Anil Eraslan, Mikko Innanen and Paul Pignon and has premiered pieces by composers such as Sebastian Hilli, Sami Klemola, Clara de Asis and Leo Dupleix. Jukka is also a member of contemporary music ensemble Sähkökitarakvartetti.

Diaspora Focii Collective (USA) + friends

Diaspora Focii Collective + friends

31.3.2023 at 18:00.

Diaspora Focii Collective was founded in San Francisco to spread the healing power of improvisation and indigenous musics. Drawn from several bands, the DFC plays a blending of Jazz, Psychedelic, Electro-acoustic Noise, Folk and World Music.

For our Scandinavian concerts we include Mika Pontecorvo (electronics, guitar, flute), a composer, instrumentalistist, artist Jukka-Pekka Kervinen (guitar, electronics), and a instrumentalist, composer, dog walker Elijah Pontecorvo (electric 6-string bass). Guest musician: Otso Pakarinen, electronics.
Link to video:



///Pink Twins///Nicolina Stylianou///Tottumiskysymys///

///Turun Syntetisaattoriseuran Oopperaorkesteri///Mesak///[ówt krì]///

Thursday-Friday 19.-20.1.2023 at 6-9 pm


-free entrance-

AKUSMATA POLYPHONIC is an intensive sound art and electronic music event at Vuotalo Cultural Centre in Helsinki. Invited musicians, composers and sound artists are offering for the audience a wide spectrum of new sonic expression from the fields of experimental electronic music, sound art, noise and ambient. The program includes modular sound systems, do-it-yourself musical instruments, and improvised music with attitude.
* * *

THURSDAY 19.1. at 6-9 pm
FRIDAY 20.1 at 6-9 pm

“There are things known and things unknown, and in between are the Pink Twins.”
Pink Twins was formed in 1997 by brothers Juha and Vesa Vehviläinen, artists, filmmakers and electronic musicians, born and raised in Helsinki, Finland. Since starting in the hotbed of arts and underground music that was turn-of-the-millennium Helsinki, Pink Twins have polished their musical and visual output into a distinctive and superimmersive audiovisual mayhem.
The colourful, abstract cyclic flow of their animation works focus on human perception, its functionality and limits. In their audiovisual live performances Pink Twins create a wholesome and transformative experience with an extremely detailed wall of sound made of concrete and electronic sounds, noises and harmonic musical elements, mixed with immersive video projections.
Pink Twins have presented their works in exhibitions and festivals on all continents and performed audiovisual live shows through Europe, Americas, Asia and Australia.
Nicolina Stylianou is an artist and independent curator working in the intersection between performance, sound and sculpture. The spectrum of her interest lies in the absurdity of existence and the in-betweenness of bodies, objects, things, spaces, networks and subjects as states of transition, transformation and noise. Nicolina holds a Masters of Arts (Theatre and Drama) from the Theatre Academy – University of the Arts Helsinki (FI), and a BA (hons) in Art & Design from Kingston University London (UK). She is a member at Artists’ Association MUU in Finland, and at Visual Artists and Art Theorists Association – phytorio in Cyprus. She is the artistic director at “SENSORIUM SPACE Happenings”: a mobile platform dedicated to engage with the art of living exhibits; and the founder of “Conjoined Fugue” working group collective, in Finland. @aetherlinna
Balancing between acoustic and electric sound painting and sometimes standing still in complete darkness, Tottumiskysymys is just a question of getting used to. Since 2008 an improvisational touch to creating performances has dominated this nowadays electrified collective. The collective comprises of Olli Haveri (El.mandolin, Otamatone), Jukka Laine (Bass, perc.), Ville Olaskari (Modular synth​, Slidetar), Pekka Parviainen (Bass) and Juha Kemppainen (Modular synth). The performance at Akusmata is completed with their own light design.
Tatu Metsätähti is the other side of the Mr Velcro Fastener electro duo that gained fame at the turn of the millennium. Since then, he has performed as a solo artist under the name Mesak and produced and made a variety of electronic music. In the piece heard at the Vuotalo concert, Mesak plays various delay and reverb devices.
Turun Syntetisaattoriseuran Oopperaorkesteri (TSO) is Turku-based electronic music orchestra that was formed in 2022 to perform experimental electronic and electro-acoustic music.
Accompanying an experimental opera, that is composed by Helsinki-based composer and sound artist Petri Kuljuntausta, will be the first major work for the TSO in 2023 and the following years. Besides accompanying the opera TSO will also perform the opera music on it’s own in few concerts in 2023. At Akusmata Polyphonic 2023 TSO makes its first public appearance performing three experimental pieces composed by Petri Kuljuntausta for the upcoming opera.
TSO is composed of the key members of Turun syntetisaattoriseura (Turku Synth Club): Ossi Hätönen, Jesse Juup, Markus Kaunismäki, Jaakko Penttinen and Teppo Toivonen.
[ówt krì] is a Helsinki-based Dark Ambient sound project that started late 2005. The project is the solo effort of Kenneth Kovasin, a self-taught sound artist from Helsinki, Finland. Kenneth creates soundscapes mainly through looping sounds created by effects and self-made instruments.
Lauri Peltonen is a dancer, choreographer, musician and a multidisciplinary artist who has worked in many fields. Peltonen has done many projects exploring the relationship between dance and live music — ranging from experimental dark ambient to classical opera. Some of the concepts he is working on at the moment include Common Impulse Exploration (CIE) and Circles In Motion (CIM). He has performed internationally for example in England, Iceland and USA.
Sonja Peuhkurinen is a Finnish artist, contemporary dancer, flute player and a member of the artist collective Oneiros Resort. She is particularly interested in art’s ability to deepen and brighten life.

An Evening of Ambient

An Evening of Ambient

Andrea Camporotondo

[ówt krì] w/ Lauri Peltonen & Sonja Peuhkurinen, dance

19.11.2022 at 18:00
-free entrance-

Live ambient sounds
18:00 the doors
18:30 Sonja Peuhkurinen
19:15 [ówt krì] w/ Lauri Peltonen
20:10 Andrea Camporotondo

Sonja Peuhkurinen
Sonja Peuhkurinen is a flute player and contemporary dancer from Helsinki. Her musical work is focused on creating calm flute ambient. She is particularly interested in art’s ability to deepen and brighten life.
[ówt krì]
[ówt krì] is Helsinki-based Dark Ambient sound project that started late 2005. The project is a solo effort of Kenneth Kovasin, a self-taught sound artist from Helsinki, Finland. Kenneth creates soundscapes mainly through looping sounds created by effects and self-made instruments.
Lauri Peltonen
Lauri Peltonen is a Finnish multidisciplinary artist who has worked in many fields of art. He is best known for being a guitar virtuoso and a dancer, those two often going hand in hand in various kinds of performances, but he has also worked in experimental film, music videos, improv theatre and the list goes on…
Andrea Camporotondo
Andrea Camporotondo is an Ambient Post-Rock/ Experimental Guitarist.
Developing a mix of Analog and Digital soundscapes, to which he creates either rhythm pulsations mixed with melodic guitar noises and phrases.
Using primarily analog and digital effects , and traditional tube amplifiers, creating washes of otherworldly or classic clean and raw guitar sounds, by manipulating waves, and time.

​Karri Kokko: Open Studio — Avoimet ovet

Karri Kokko: Open Studio — Avoimet ovet



Poet Karri Kokko, who specializes in visual and conceptual poetry, moves his desk to the gallery for a week and invites his friends, colleagues and the public to participate in poetic work. The program also includes surprise visits, music performances, live streamed performances from home and abroad.

Karri Kokko is a Finnish poet specializing in asemic writing and visual poetry. He’s the author of more than thirty books, his first collection of poetry, Uno Boy, was published in 1982. Karri’s work can be found at Lettttere (, Nokturno (, Instagram  ( and Soundcloud ( He lives and works in Helsinki.

Governing Bodies mini-festival: Emergence & Microbes

Governing Bodies mini-festival: Emergence & Microbes

Saturday, June 4, 2022 at 16.00 – 21.00

-free entry-

Welcome to join the international research group Governing Bodies for an evening of sounds and performances at Akusmata Saturday June 4, 2022. We start at 16.00 and will finish around 21.00. Feel free to drop in at any time.

FREDDIE ROSS (art historian): ethics of microbes, lecture performance
JEAN-LOUIS HUHTA: performance
Till TILL BOVERMANN: performance

Photo by Till Bovermann

Governing Bodies is a group of artists, musicians and researchers who have met, discussed, cooked, eaten and made interdisciplinary art events about microbes since 2018. In June 2022 the group will travel to Helsinki where they will share their knowledge, experience and also learn from and with you.

In Finland special focus will given to microbes and emergence. Nature is filled with examples of how complex behaviours arise from relatively simple elements: we see this in how ants behave, or in how fish shoals or bird flocks interact. The term emergence is used to describe these fascinating manifestations of self-organisation that can, at first glance, seem inexplicable. Where does the extra injection of complexity suddenly come from? One thing is clear: these emergent phenomena can only be understood as collective behaviours — there is no way to make sense of them without looking at dozens, hundreds, thousands or more of the contributing elements. These wholes are indeed greater than the sums of their parts.

Festival program (1.-5.6.2022)

Wednesday, 1.6. evening
Listening in — diving into an ocean of emergent behaviour.
* 19.00 performance / deep listening at SOLU
* 20.00 EEG-synth experience / meditative one-on-one sessions (2-3 EEG synth sessions) – separate room at SOLU.
* 21.00 Food at SOLU

Thursday, 2.6.
Emergence is surrounding us — examples of emergence on macroscopic and microscopic levels and how they influence us and our life world.
* 10.00 breakfast at SOLU
* 11.00 Introduction to Emergence at SOLU
* 13.00 Lunch
* 16.00 Riina Hannula, Microbial Medi(t)ation (Yoga for Microbes, group exercise) at SOLU (or outside, weather permitting) Please bring/wear comfortable long-sleeved clothing, at SOLU
* 17:30 Bart van den Put: Retinalalian Group Hum_1 — breathing-sounding the retinal code, at SOLU
* 18.30 Annette Arlander “Letter to a Dead Spruce” video screening at SOLU
* 21.00 Dinner

Friday, 3.6.
On microbes and macrobes — scales of observation, behavioural patterns, and inter-system similarities.
* 10.00 breakfast at SOLU
* 10.30 Discussion about emergence with neuroscientist Veikko Jousmäki at SOLU
* 11.30 Till Bovermann Performative walk – City as Organism. (Departure from Solu.)
* 13.00 Lunch on the way
* 14.00-16.00 Sauna, Furuvik Rantasauna
* 19.00 Book release “Governing Bodies” at SOLU
* 19.30 The Experiences of Art as We don’t Know It and Governing Bodies. A round table discussion about creating books with trans-disciplinary content with the Freddie Ross, editor of Governing Bodies and representatives from Bioart Society. Moderated by MaiBritt Giacobini Arnér.
* 21.00 Dinner
* 22.00 Carima Neusser, Performance at SOLU

Saturday, 4.6.
Politics of emergence — layers of consciousness, layers of interpretation.
* 10.00 breakfast at SOLU
* 11.30 Carola Uehlken– walking through city, landscape, building? (Departure from SOLU) Please bring your own headphones and smartphone.
* 13.00 Lunch
* 16.00 Evening at Akusmata
– Freddie Ross – ethics of microbes – lecture performance
Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen – performance
Jean-Louis Huhta and Till Bovermann – performance
* 21.00 Individual dinner

Sunday, 5.6
Beyond emergence? — dispersion and re-formation.
* 11.00 breakfast at SOLU
* 12.00 Summary and departure

[The SOLU Space can be found at Luotsikatu 13, 00160 Helsinki, More info here.]

Governing Bodies is supported by The Nordic Culture Fund in Copenhagen Längmanska kulturfonden, Nordic Culture Point in Helsinki as well as Kulturfonden för Sverige och Finland.

Rihmasto + [ówt krì]

Rihmasto + [ówt krì]

Sat 28.5.2022 @ 18.00

Live event produced by [ówt krì], Akusmata and Rihmasto

Slow and static ambient and drone music
18:00 the doors
18:20 [ówt krì]
19:20 rihmasto


Adventurous ambient music from Finland. The sound started in 1996. Live sessions since 2000.

Rihmaston unenomainen äänimaisema on häilyvä kokemus ympäristöstä ja ajan kulusta. Rihmasto on Jarkko Lahti ja Jukka Andersson: elektronisoittimet.

[ówt krì]

[ówt krì] is Helsinki-based Dark Ambient sound project that started late 2005. The project is a solo effort of Kenneth Kovasin, a self-taught sound artist from Helsinki, Finland. Kenneth creates soundscapes mainly through looping sounds created by effects and self-made instruments.

Kenneth Kovasin: electronic instruments, DIY-instruments, loopers.




Venue: Vuotalo Cultural Centre, Helsinki


AKUSMATA POLYPHONIC is an intensive sound art and electronic music event at Vuotalo Cultural Centre in Helsinki. Invited musicians, composers and sound artists are from Nordic countries, Germany and Finland, offering for the audience a wide spectrum of new sonic expression from the fields of experimental electronic music, sound art, noise and ambient. The program includes modular sound systems, do-it-yourself musical instruments, and improvised music with attitude.

Akusmata Polyphonic 2022 (images by Fredrik Willberg)


Friday 13.5.2022 at 18:30

Place: Vuosali (Vuotalo), Mosaiikkitori 2, Helsinki

-free entry-



(Jørgen Teller w/ Jimi Tenor)


(Compositions by Ann Rosén, Sten-Olof Hellström, Petri Kuljuntausta)


(K. Bévand, E. Kalman, K. Kovasin, Pál Ivan, J. Pedersen, J. Teller)


Saturday 14.5.2022 at 18:00

Place: Vuosali (Vuotalo), Mosaiikkitori 2, Helsinki

-free entry-




(Jesper Pedersen and Páll Ivan frá Eiðum)


Supported by Nordisk Kulturfond / Puls, Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme, Swedish-Finnish Cultural Foundation, and Vuotalo Cultural Centre.


Vuotalo Cultural Centre

Mosaiikkitori 2, 00980 Helsinki

Akusmata (producer)

Tukholmankatu 7 K, 00270 Helsinki



Call it minimal rock goes synth’n’poetry! 

STATIC TELLER is Jørgen Teller’s new solo project, but at the Akusmata Polyphonic Festival it expands into a duo as Jimi Tenor joins in. Teller has a long career as electric guitarist, electronic musician, vocalist and since 1990s he has released many records as solo artist and with Jørgen Teller & The Empty Stairs. Teller has co-labed / performed with many Danish and international musicians like Rhys Chatham, Otomo Yoshihide, Kasper Toeplitz, Jimi Tenor, Kim Cascone, Fast Forward, Jakob Draminsky, David (Pere Ubu) Thomas & foreigners, Coal Hook (w Ron Schneiderman (Sunburned)), Jean-Francois Pauvros, Sofia Härdig, Lazara Rosell Albear, Bruno Ferro Xavier da Silva… At Vuotalo’s concert, STATIC TELLER’s performance will be complemented by video projection.


“… a magical experience, (it) breaks all barriers, it’s venturing, it’s experimental and when you open your ears, it is very appealing”, said an enthusiastic critic about a concert of The Barrier Orchestra. Three members of the orchestra, artist Ann Rosén and composers Sten-Olof Hellström and Petri Kuljuntausta, continue their collaboration by launching a new group project. STEPPING STONES is a trio which works as test lab for the musicians focusing on the new interfaces and ways of producing sound in unconventional ways. In the new work series, they combine vivid sound elements and textures into a multi-layered and vibrant whole in an elastic small group format. ANN ROSÉN’s works have been performed at the Swedish Royal Opera, Moderna Museet, and South Bank in London. In the Drawing Sessions by Rosén, she performs with the pencil as her instrument, live electronic music emerge when graphite fuses with paper. STEN-OLOF HELLSTRÖM obtained a PhD in composition at University of Huddersfield, UK. His albums Sine Cera (w/ Bowers) and Kept in the Dark (Agaig) were nominated for best experimental album at the Manifest Awards. PETRI KULJUNTAUSTA divides his time between composing, performing, building sound and media installations, and researching. In recent years, he has done underwater concerts and installations and given concerts with birds.


Modular, electronic, analog, improvisation, digital, interactivity, composition, graphic, drone, ambient, do-it-yourself, experimental, synthesizers, electroacoustic, electric guitar, silence, rock, modulation, noise, live processing, feedback… This multinational orchestra offers sound adventures that cannot be known in advance. The orchestra plays on the edge of time and space, its musicians react to what they hear, go further and the performance develops in a direction that cannot be predicted. The journey into the unknown goes through situations where the presence of harmony and chaos is transformed into a musical play in the hands of musicians, where logic and illogicality lose their meaning. Dropping a pebble in water produces essentially the same rippling sound effect as colliding super-black holes a billion light years away in time and space. It partially suggests the elemental power of sound, linked as it is to movement, a signal of life, dynamism and creation. That is what POLYPHONIC TONCHESTRA is all about. At this concert the line-up is K. Bévand, E. Kalman, K. Kovasin, Pál Ivan, J. Pedersen, and J. Teller.


Egil Kalman is a Swedish musician / composer primarily playing modular synthesizer and double bass. His music aims to dissolve the brittle barriers separating traditional Scandinavian folk and contemporary electroacoustic music via minimalist compositional techniques and soulful improvisations. Utilizing just intonation tunings, hypnotic forms, synthesized sound mimicking the acoustic and vice versa, his music explores qualities intrinsic to traditional Scandinavian folk music in ways where the musical foundation is felt rather than explicitly heard. Kalman’s new album ‘Kingdom of Bells – Egil Kalman plays the Synthi 100’ will be realeased in May 2022 on iDeal Recordings: “Mind altering just tuned drones with melodies that echoes traditional Scandinavian folk music flow into abstract soundscapes reminiscent of early electronic music pioneers, but still holds a fresh sound and vibe. Deep synth music from the North!”


STÓRMKRÓKUR is an electronic duo founded by composers Jesper Pedersen and Páll Ivan frá Eiðum. The music of STÓRMKRÓKUR is seeking new inspiration in techniques used by noise musicians of yesteryear using non-linear feedback through analog sound equipment like mixing desks, stomp boxes and modular synthesizers. The sound world is raw and abstract sounding but with clear dialogues emerging between the sounds walking the fine line between chaos and order. Composer and sound artist Pedersen has written music for acoustic instruments and the electronic medium both, as an electronic musician and improviser he works with diverse groups ranging from contemporary, experimental and improvised music to ambient and drone. Páll Ivan is a multi-instrumentalist and visual artist, he has collaborated in many diverse projects and appears on recordings with baroque music over pop to metal and contemporary experimental music. <>, <>


Katharina Bévand is a sound artist based in Berlin. She performs on modular synthesizers and creates site-specific sound installations and sound sculptures. Bévand works with processed field recordings, extended recording techniques and the resonance of spaces and objects. She exhibited internationally in Germany, Egypt, Taiwan, and in the Autonomous Region of Kurdistan in Northern Iraq. In 2021 she received a research grant from the Berlin Senate and a GVL Stipend for music production, and was part of Goldrausch Project for women artists. She has been a directive board member of the Berlin Association for New Music, BGNM e.V.

Ambient Guitar


Saturday, November 6, 2021 at 5 PM

Three Helsinki based artists share their unique perspectives on Ambient guitar music.
The evening scales from dark disturbing ambiences to mellow tones and ethereal beauty.

Covid passports will be checked at the venue.
17:00 Doors
18:00 [ówt krì]
18:45 Lauri Peltonen
19:30 Andrea Camporotondo

The event will be streamed on the Aural Ataraxia Youtube site.