Karri Kokko: Open Studio — Avoimet ovet



Poet Karri Kokko, who specializes in visual and conceptual poetry, moves his desk to the gallery for a week and invites his friends, colleagues and the public to participate in poetic work. The program also includes surprise visits, music performances, live streamed performances from home and abroad.

Karri Kokko is a Finnish poet specializing in asemic writing and visual poetry. He’s the author of more than thirty books, his first collection of poetry, Uno Boy, was published in 1982. Karri’s work can be found at Lettttere (lettttere.tumblr.com), Nokturno (nokturno.fi/authtor/karri-kokko), Instagram  (instagram.com/karri_kokko) and Soundcloud (souncloud.com/karrikokko). He lives and works in Helsinki.