Kacper Ziemianin
– multichannel sound installation

17 – 31 August 2012
Sound Art Gallery Akusmata

In our everyday life and routines we don’t notice the ordinary sounds around us. Whether we are in the city or in the park there is always an acoustic space around us, but most of the time we filter this out from our consciousness.

However if we record these sounds and put them outside of their everyday context we can listen to them in a new, acousmatic, way and they might take us to other places, times and memories.

All the environmental sounds used in this audio installation were recorded during Kacper Ziemianin’s stay in Helsinki and Espoo in early August 2012. These sounds represent different moods and time of day and night in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

The central point of the installation is a clock. Visitors at Akusmata Sound Art Gallery can bring to life and explore sounds from various times of the day by moving their hands around the clock. This way they create their own journey through the time and soundscapes.

KACPER ZIEMIANIN is MUU’s artist in residence in August 2012. The residency is organized in cooperation with the Finnish Artists’ Studio Foundation. MUU’s Sound workshop, run by Ziemanin, will be held in Cartes, Espoo. On Monday, August 13, at 6 pm he will give an Artist Talk in the MUU gallery.

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