Roope Mäenpää (1990-) is a Tampere born composer who also works actively as a musician in various projects and productions.

Mäenpää’s works consist of versatile pieces including orchestral music as well as chamber music. In addition to composing classical music Mäenpää has also worked as a composer in numerous theatre productions and video pieces. One essential perspective in Mäenpää’s production is his close connection to string instruments based on his background as a cellist and bassist. This connection has deepened ever more through the process of composing for his two string quartets.

Mäenpää started his composition studies in Tampere Music Academy with Paavo Korpijaakko, and later during his vocational studies he was mentored by Jouni Kaipainen. He also studied composition with Jyrki Linjama and Hannu Pohjannoro.

In 2016 Mäenpää graduated from Tampere University of Applied Sciences with excellent grades. In addition to composing, Mäenpää has studied sound art and sound design in the University of Lapland. In 2016 Mäenpää’s sound piece Status was awarded as the representer of Finland in the Nordic Short-dox 2016 composition finals in Copenhagen.

Mäenpää’s music has been performed in both Finland and abroad, especially in other Nordic countries and Baltic countries Mäenpää works in close collaboration with contemporary music orchestra TampereRaw and with string quartet TEMA, to mention but a few. Mäenpää’s works have featured in Porvoon Suvisoitto and Tampering festival, among others. He has also received commissions from Tampere Guitar Festival and Finnish Cultural Foundation.

In 1996 Roope Mäenpää was ranked second in Tampereen Kisatoverit Winter Games skiing competition under the 6-year olds category.

Currently Roope Mäenpää works as a freelancer. In spring 2017 the Finnish Cultural Foundation granted him a one year working scholarship. Since 2017 he has been a member of the Finnish Composer’s Associations.