Born in Naples in 1987, he plays alto saxophone. At present he lives in Berlin, making sounds with: Eren Ileri, Giuseppe Birardi, Paul Schwingenschloegl, Utku Tavil, Cecilia Viganò, Roberto Traverso and with the projects Sweet Turnip and Luther Blissett.

For five years, between 2005 and 2010, he lived and studied in Bologna, founding the Bologna Improvisers Orchestra and the label Eclectic Polpo Records. He has been running the radio program “Musica Imprevedibile”, which soon became a permanent concert series in Bologna and a four-days festival in Naples.
He participated to the Biennial of Tehran 2008 (Berlin) and 2009 (Belgrade). With Luther Blissett he took part in the “Immediate Sound Series” and in the “Improvised Music Series” in Chicago; with “Filario Farinoppo” he played at Frakture Festival, Liverpool and at GIO Festival II in Glasgow, collaborating with the Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra. They played with  Gino Robair, Eugene Chadbourne,  Jonas Kocher, Renato Ciunfrini, and performed at Angelica Festival 2009 as a part of the Bologna Improvisers Orchestra; they  took part in Lawrence D. “Butch” Morris CONDUCTION® No. 184. “BangBoom”, and played at the London Jazz Festival in the MOPOMOSO series.
He has been involved as a solo artist in the Venice Biennale 2009.