Utu Lautturin käsissä orgaaniset äänet muotoutuvat uuteen muotoon ja pääsevät elämään omaa unelmaansa. Lopputuloksena on rituaalinen kokemus, missä todellisuus menettää otettaan sinusta mikäli olet valmis luovuttamaan hallinnan. Rytmiset elementit, joiden inspiraatio piilee villissä luonnossa ja mystikassa, luovat mielentilan missä rauha saattaa odottaa sinua.


Utu Lautturi:

I was very honored to have two friends visit the stage. In the very beginning, Joonatan Elokuu conjured magic on the shrutibox and vocals. Later on, Sipulijaska delivered a spoken word sermon.

This was the first computer-based performance for me, and it came with a price. At the high point of the most energetic portion of the performance an electric surge busted up my sound card and cables, abruptly ending the show. It’s all on video :).

On this performance I’m displaying, through various methods, some of the sounds I’ve created in the past two years. I’m also using some collaborative pieces for atmosphere, namely those created with Mahr, Faces Of Bélmez and Tuonela. I also showcased a brand new track commissioned by Sparkwood Records for their upcoming compilation.

The audio is free download through SoundCloud http://bit.ly/1VHr8BQ, headphones recommended. Filmed by Alina Kallio. Thanks for all feedback, love and sharing.