Peak to Valley Ratio (DE).

Peak to Valley Ratio. That is everything that happens between two points. And those two points are called Adda Schade and David Krützkamp. One is passionate about constructing sounds and the other actually writes tiny pop songs in German. These men have known each other for a long time and have an intuitive understanding of each other. Following the example set by the Berlin school of electronic music and its advocates like Conrad Schnitzler, they sit down together and from that moment on, music starts to emerge, building on the vibes and skills of the two musicians. Sounds, beats and harmonies are their tools for understanding each other. The results are like small feasts for the senses, combining influences from krautrock, house, the noise of a TV test pattern, folk music and soulful guitars. For the performance in Akusmata the duo will be working exclusively with samples from its hometown of Paderborn, Germany, and Sputnik (Adda’s own bar and home base) as well as David’s guitar soundscapes. The music is mostly improvised.