Kryptogen Rundfunk

Kryptogen Rundfunk is the solo project of Artyom (M.M.), who is also the founder of the ZHELEZOBETON label releasing experimental and post-industrial music, and the member of some other projects, such as HATTIFNATTER, GOVORIT RADIO KOSMOS, LUNAR ABYSS, etc… Formed in 2002, KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK has released a couple of solo albums, several collaboration works with other Russian experimental projects and many tracks on various compilations of experimental music, both Russian and international. The sound of the project is usually based on analogue electronics, radio noises and various found sounds, all interwoven into a psychedelic flow of dense electronic layers, often exploring the extreme areas of the sonic spectrum. The purpose of these experiments is to switch off the rational perception of a listener and to immerse him in a direct experience of the abstract sound.