Shaking jungles, melting mountains, journeys into freezers, speaking wood, burning snow, rolling metal. Stefkovic van Interesse is building new scenarios and changes natural laws. His collection of alienated field recordings creates perfect illusions for your mind.

Stefkovic van Interesse (DE) started making music in 2007. Initially he experimented in the field of noise and pushed his boundaries on stage. Lately he has found a new element to transform his sound – field recordings. Over the past year he has built up a colorful collection of field recordings of his travels and day to day life, from which he combines carefully constructed loops into soundscapes. “Give the world a listen and you’ll discover natural rhythms. I take those and put them into an unexpected context.” He explains.

Especially sounds that usually go unnoticed blossom in Stefkovic’s music. Rich textures are unfolding, stretching beyond there place of origin, thus creating a new space for them to breath. The journey might start out in the forest, but listening carefully you will end up somewhere else that bears no resemblance to the sound source.

The sonic experience translates well into images and Stefkovic van Interesse is working with visual artist Maxi Schramm to combine both worlds in his live show.

Let the journey begin.