Re-Drum is a project of Pavel Aleshin, experimental musician from Russia. He uses field recordings and found sounds, his own voice, acoustic instruments and non musical objects to create a living environment, oscilating from warm calmness to ritualistic depths.
During past years Re-Drum played numerous amount of gigs all over Europe, sharing stage with Tzolk’in, Ratbag, Zbignew Karkowski, Roman Nose, Rovar 17 and others.

Vital Weekly:

Re-Drum from Russia is one of Emerge’s steady touring buddies and sometimes (or maybe most of the times) they also end up playing together, such as on this recording from two years ago. It was recorded in a concert series called ‘Noise Angriff’, which translates best as ‘noise attack’, so the result is also a bit louder than one would expect. Using lots of electronics, loop devices, sound effects (delay, reverb), and the two create a rich palette of sounds and it stays never anywhere long, giving the music quite some vibrancy. There isn’t much noise to be found on this work, but I found it all rather spacious and slowly meandering about, with occasional small sounds popping up in the mix. Head trip music!