Sergio Castrillón (1981) COL. Improvisation has been a constant practice along Castrillón’s whole life and musicianship. However, his professional work as improviser started in 2008 in Buenos Aires (Argentina) while he studied a master degree in Music creation, new technologies and traditional arts and a major in Contemporary Music composition at the UNTREF and CEAMC respectively. There, he collaborated with electronic, experimental and free jazz musicians as well as contemporary dancers and theatre directors among others.

Since 2012 he has got into the Improvisation scene in Helsinki (Finland) where he is very active participating in several projects and collaborating with multidisciplinary artists such as dancers, performers, actors and poets. Furthermore, since 2013 he has also been developing his work as improviser in Scandinavia, UK, central and southern Europe and other countries in South America. During that period he has been collaborating with underground as well as well know improvisers from all over the world.