I work as a media artist. I make or collaborate in cross-disciplinary art projects, and work as a curator, see Koppling konst.

I organize cross-artistic thematic group exhibitions in which artists create discussion between art and space, also creating networking opportunities between artists, where dialogue is created between different artforms with the help of international artists involved.

I like to observe the society and culture from a philosophical and critical viewpoint, using the media in vizualizing, as an installation, experimenting with materials.

I am also interested in using a documentary base to reflect over historical layers in time and space in order to shape an experimental fictional story.

Recently I have been combining the visual with sound giving space for interpretation, through improvisation, poetry, performance – letting different artists improvise for the film in one take in the studio or in front of live audience. The videos are designed to bring together the visual and live improvisation to a common view, which creates scope for interpretation.