Ralph Denzer is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, musical director and music educator who has worked with numerous theater groups in the New York city area, including P.S.122/9th Street Theater, East Coast Artists, (directed by Richard Schechner), Great Small Works, NYU Graduate Acting Department, Ramapo College, etc. He has written and performed works in many different musical styles including opera, dance, musical theatre and cabaret. His music has been featured in theatre performances in Helsinki, Finland; Copenhagen & Ȧrhus, Denmark; and in Berlin, Germany, as well as throughout the USA and Canada.

His most recent large-scale composition, a music/theatre work called ‘Darwin: Endless Forms Most Beautiful’, was performed at the Oscar Peterson Concert Hall in Montreal in the winter of 2011. It was directed by Keith Turnbull, formerly of the Banff Center for the Arts, and was co-written by Canadian playwright Ryan Hurl. In the U.S., Ralph has taught music history in New York City at Marymount College, and taught a course at Barnard College which culminated in a puppet production of Christopher Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus. He has also taught or lectured at Swarthmore College and U.C. Santa Cruz. In addition, he has taught music to elementary school children through the Guggenheim Foundation’s Learning Through the Arts program, as well as with Carnegie Hall’s Link Up! program. Glazer was born in Brooklyn, New York, he currently lives in Montreal, Canada with his family.