AUTHOR=  Radical Matters – Editions/Label presents:
TITLE=  Paul Chain “Satan’s Future” (dying edition).
SOURCE=  Ephemeral sound object, ceramic record.
RUNNING TIME=  17′:00”
YEAR=  1981 – 2016.


Paul Chain “Satan’s Future”. The Dying Edition.

Sound mummification and the art of fixed sounds


Content description:

Completely handmade cardboard box, handmade 7 inch ceramic record, fine art printings and inserts, CD (archive selection from “Relative Tapes”), handprinted cotton fabric, soil (C60% H6% O32% N2%), hand printed b/w photos. All of the components of this edition are intended to die.

This recording is the phonographic playing of the ceramic sound object of “Satan’s Future”, contained in the conceptual edition called “dying edition”, published by RMEDL during 2016, as first of five forthcoming volumes (“Satan’s Future”, “Brain Sea”, “Electric Line”, “Ghosts Of The Past”, “Oblivious Part 2”), conceived  to pay tribute to the opera of the artist Paul Chain and his personal eschatological research, to his philosophy of death or violet magic.


Paul Chain (Death SS 1977-1984 and Paul Chain – Violet Theatre 1984-2003), is a multi-instrumentalist musician, record producer and Italian artist. Author linked to experimental music and radical improvisation, influenced by minimalism and musique concrete, pioneer of the doom metal genre and precursor of the “Italian dark sound”.


Paul Chain (1977) declares his artistic death on April 05 2003.


Following the suggestions left by the author, who strongly believes that the hidden power of these recordings should be left to die, until its consumption, everything involved in this conceptual edition is designed to die.


The “dying edition” represents the conceptual interment of this artistic body, its final grave.


The ephemeral ceramic record is designed to be consumed by its playing. The process of playing the ceramic record will consume the engraved sound waves, from time to time.  Slowly the sound waves will disappear, until only mute ash will remain.


This audio recording is the documentation of 33 playing of the ceramic record on turntable, syntetized in three parts.


“Satan’s Future” was originally selected by Paul Chain for his “Relative Tapes” private archive, courtesy by Marco Melzi, Minotauro Records.




Concept and edition design, curating and manufacture by: RMEDL|SG
Original Photos courtesy by: Fulvio Zagato | Paul Chain Official Fan Club.
Handmade printed photos by: Andrea Sozzi.




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