“?->?->?” v.1
sound installation by Martins Rokis

19.1. – 25.1.2015
Opening hours: Mon – Fri 14 – 18, Sat – Sun 14 – 17

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Finding information on the web depends on several factors, for example search engines inbuilt algorithms that “decides” how and which bits of information we are searching for are connected together. A folksonomy is one of the systems of classification and method of collaboratively creating and translating tags to annotate and categorize content. Thus relations between bits of information are decided via social consensus.

If we imagine this field of data as ocean, then in that ocean there are islands of information who’s existence is legitimized by users habits of classification. Navigation process from one point to another in this ocean of data can be full of surprises as peoples believes which things are related to others. This notion of collectively created map of information is starting point for installation “?->?->?“.

Custom software built for installation uses Freesound, a repository of Creative Commons licensed audio samples, whose content can be tagged and browsed by folksonomic means. By manually choosing first search word the automatic navigation process begins and  sonic environment is created from user uploaded audio samples that inhabits similar information space according to collectively added meta data. So in this context collective mind, layers of meaning and culture serves as notation for automatic composition.

Martins Rokis is working with sound and visuals in different contexts/forms, exploring multimodality of human perception via installations, performances or works for multichannel systems.


Note: Martins Rokis’ live performance on January 16th, 7pm
at Vapaan Taiteen Tila, Helsinki