Janne Särkelä
22.4.-28.4.2012, 12-14pm (each day)

In my work AMBIENT², I interpret the sound landscape of Harakka island into music, into another language through a computer-abled generative process. We are born into sound landscape to which we get used to through our lives and we take it as a familiar foundation, compared to which everything is strange and peculiar. It is about interpretation. When the same sound landscape is repeated as music something weird and unexpected is revealed.

Music created by the AMBIENT² does not strive to fit its tones into any existing note system. It re-creates the frequencies of the source material by synthetic instruments as a spectral musical application. The final result is a musical work which never quite exactly repeats itself. The composer is the observed space which creates its own tonal system. The music thus created is not aleatory but determined by its own rules.

The basic form of the music is defined by ambient aesthetics, and in this case ambient sound creates the ambient music and the borders of music and the world are seamlessly intertwined.
Janne Särkelä: www.sarana.biz

The sound exhibition is part of the La-bàs Biennale 2012 -festival: http://www.labas.fi/2012/index.html