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LIVE: Id M Theft Able (USA) & Arttu Partinen

Mental Alaska & Akusmata Proudly Presents:


Mon, October 3, 2016
Klo 19:00 – 21:00

Voluntary admission fee 5 euros to cover the costs.

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ID M THEFT ABLE (i’d m thfft able/i dmth efta ble) is an improvising vocalist and found objectist from Portland, Maine, USA. He has played in many galleries, reputable festivals, disreputable festivals, basements, bedrooms, mansions, art galleries, record stores, all over the eastern half of North America and western Europe. i’d vocalizes while accompanying himself on assemblages of found objects and electronics.

Audio samples:

“Id M Theftable is perhaps the most insubordinate and virtuosic sound artist I’ve seen with my two eyes. Sure, dude can manipulate a bunch of knobs. But all he needs is his mouth and hands to produce a mind-blowingly far out noise set. The collage is so frantically paced, detailed and wide-ranging that there’s no doubt there’s a real master is behind the wheel—even if he’s steering the car off a cliff. – Nat Roe / Noisey

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ARTTU PARTINEN has been making music around 15 years now. Some of his projects (most visible being the long-lived band Avarus) were central in the international breakthrough of the “New Weird Finland”-genre around 2005-2006. Solo, he has been known as Amon Düde, but in recent times also under his own name.

In his performances, he combines noise dynamics with slapstick moves. He often seems to struggle with his gear, surprising himself as well as the audience. As sound sources he uses found tapes, his own recordings, world music cassettes, nature sounds, human voice, processed live percussion etc.

LIVE: Wellenform / bin.exe / A Companion of Owls

Akusmata ja Aural Ataraxia ylpeänä esittää modulaarisia ääniä ja muuta:

Wellenform / bin.exe / A Companion of Owls

Lauantai 17.9.2016, klo 19:00–22:00
Ovet klo 19:00 / Showtime klo 19:30
Äänigalleria Akusmata

– free entry –

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Wellenform on turkulainen elektronisen musiikin duo, jonka muodostavat Teppo Toivonen ja Jaakko Penttinen. He ovat tehneet tahoillansa musiikkia 90-luvulta alkaen eri kokoonpanoissa ja esiintyneet taidegallerioissa, elokuvateattereissa ja klubeilla.

Wellenformin musiikillinen kieli pohjaa varhaiseen industrialiin, teknoon ja konreettiseen musiikkiin. Äänilähteinä he käyttävät muun muassa modulaarisia ja analogisia syntetisaattoreita, samplereita ja konkreettisia ääniä.

Wellenform is a Turku-based electronic music duo, formed by Teppo Toivonen and Jaakko Penttinen. They have made music in various lineups since the 90’s and have performed in a wide range of venues.

Wellenform’s musical direction is based on early industrial and techno music as well as musique concrete. The utilized sound sources are Modular and Analogue synthesizers, samples, among others.

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bin.exe a.k.a Ossi Hätönen on turkulainen elektronisen musiikin säveltäjä. Hänen teoksissaan yhdistyvät ambient- ja drone-henkiset maalailevat äänimaisemat, yksinkertaistetut melodiat ja satunnaiset rytmiset elementit. Live-improvisaatio on vahvasti läsnä hänen musiikissaan. Ossi on myös 1/3 Konekonekone-yhtyettä.

bin.exe a.k.a Ossi Hätönen is a Turku-based composer of electronic music. He combines ambient and drone soundscapes in his compositions, but also simplified melodies and some sporadic rhythmic elements. Live improvisation is also strongly present in his music. Ossi is also 1/3 of the electronic band Konekonekone.

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A Companion of Owls

Stephen Christopher Stamper on helsinkiläistynyt brittiläinen taiteilija.

Esiintyessään nimellä A Companion of Owls, Stephen yrittää (jälleen) yhdistellä kokoelmalla pieniä muovilaatikoita ja tietokoneellaan drone-fuzzia, magneettista pulsaatiota, ääni-leikkeitä, valveunia… ja muuta.

The only non-modular performer of the evening will be Stephen Christopher Stamper, a British-born artist living and working in Helsinki.

Performing under the name A Companion of Owls, Stephen will (once again) attempt to conjure the following from a collection of small plastic boxes and a laptop: “drone-fuzz, magnetic pulsation, vocal snippets, waking dreams, the surf’s steady pound and the hum of utility poles”