a multichannel installation

8.11. – 15.11.2013

Opening hours: Mon – Fri 14-18

David Rothenberg, author of the recently released BUG MUSIC (book and CD), turns this work into a new sound installation Insect Sync for Akusmata, based on the two basic ways insects synchronize their sounds: overlapping irregular rhythms, and overlapping songs that blur into a drone. The drone sounds are based on the song of the seventeen year cicada, and the rhythmic patterns are based on the song of the snowy tree cricket.

The multi-channel sound installation also includes sounds from other surprising insects: Uhlers Katydid, said to have the most complex of all insect sounds, the Common True Kaydid, and the Pine Sawyer Beetle.

Additional synthetic sounds, inspired by the insect world, are added from computer and iPad.

T.G. Forrest, image