Vomitriste, Sounds from the Marshes, [ówt krì]

A Night of diverse Dark Ambient music.

Sat 27.1.2024

18:30 Doors
19:00 Showtime

1. [ówt krì]
2. Sounds from the Marshes
3. Vomitriste

[ówt krì] is a dark ambient project from Helsinki, Finland, weaving abstract soundscapes and dark sound textures that explore the darkest corners of humanity and the mind. The soundscapes are organic compositions that are created with sound looping, effects and DIY instruments of his own making.

Sounds From The Marshes is a solo ambient/post-rock solo project started in 2013 by an Italian artist moved to Finland, consisting exclusively of guitar loops enriched with reverbs and delays.

Vomitriste is a Finnish drone noise/dark ambient duo coining together massive evocative walls of sound and hypnotic visuals. The pair has been involved in mutual musical endeavours for years, and Vomitriste first saw the light of day in the summer of 2022 after other exhausting recording bouts led to an improvised session with analog synths on a quiet Sunday afternoon. After discovering themselves anew amidst dynamic freeform sonics, E & E knew right there on the spot that it needed to be turnt into a full-fledged band aimed at aural and visual exploration and experimentation without further boundaries.
With the initial session leading the way, the duo then went on to record three more albums live, totaling to a four distinct records each with their own main motifs and themes. The first four albums came out in 2022, with the fifth effort “Pavor” coming out in May 2023. Each album has a visual projection counterpart running throughout their full durations, each digging into different themes from the wonders of nature to ever-evolving captivating geometry, and from industrial hues to ritualistic notions, to name a few, and will be utilised in a live setting as well. Together, the projections paired with the music create an immersive and holistic
experience with a signature feel and an aesthetic unique to Vomitriste.
Bandcamp, Youtube, and Instagram pages for Vomitriste can be all found at

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