Two solos:

Wednesday 17, 2024, 19:00-21:00
-free entry-

Philip Holm: Tailor’s Fiddle and Qwerty Kantele
Philip Holm performs solo with string instruments built from a sewing machine and a typewriter. The music of the tailor’s fiddle and qwerty kantele sets in a landscape of meditative ambient drawing inspiration from folk music, sound art and noise.
Holm is a musician from Helsinki, who plays in bands such as Barlast, Oiro Pena and Buko Shane. In 2023, he released a solo album Trådlös, played on a tailor’s fiddle.

Miio Holopainen: Violins, Viola.
Miio Holopainen is interested in “failure” that can happen during bow turns and instruments that in their own ways fail as fiddles but have something special as individuals. Their music pays attention to small but significant changes, decay, details and slow ways of becoming another. Scarcity, coincidence, susurrus, fumbling, mundaneness, simplicity and dust are present.

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