Annika Fuhrmann & Tom Lönnqvist

Wednesday, 8.5.2024 at 19:00 -free entry-

Annika Fuhrmann, ihmisääni & efektit / voice & effects

Tom Lönnqvist, modulaarisyntetisaattori / modular synthesizer

Annika Fuhrmann is a versatile singer, musician, and sound artist, who is most at home in the fields of experimental music theater, sound art, improvisation, and contemporary music. Annika has premiered several works composed for her and has performed in interdisciplinary projects with artists from various fields. At the moment, she is drawn to honesty, roughness, incompleteness, and vulnerability in music making instead of technical perfection. Annika is eager to experiment with new working methods and constantly seeks new ways to express herself. This has also led to collaboration with Tom Lönnqvist.

Tom Lönnqvist is a sound, space, and performance artist based in Helsinki. He holds a master’s degree in sound and has been part of several acclaimed dance and theater productions. Tom’s artistic work includes working with body, modular synthesis, video, installation, painting, drums, and ambisonic field recordings. Collaboration with Annika Fuhrmann has emerged from an interest in exploring the potential of modulating the human voice as part of instantaneous composition made with electronic modular synthesis.

The German electronic music label Mille Plateaux has released Annika’s and Tom’s debut performance Live at Asbestos Art Space.,