SAMULI TANNER (8″ record release)

(2x solo + duo)

Thursday, November 15, 2018, at 6 PM – 8 PM
Showtime 6:30 PM

*   *   *

Record release concert of Samuli Tanner’s new 8″ vinyl “Konserttitaltiointi 1”, Artsy Records ART-3. Supported by Artsy Records’ mogul Arttu Partinen. Poster by Roope Eronen.

SAMULI TANNER is a Finnish electronic musician, producer and drummer. His experimental electronic music has a strange appeal: clumsy on purpose, sometimes dark, sometimes syrup, sometimes makes you dance, sometimes falls to pieces. Samuli has previously worked under the names Siihhi, Worldbank and Ponytail. He also works in groups like Clouds, Myttys, Market, Tiiu Helinä and Uudet Jes Opot. His latest album, ‘Music For 1- Yr Old Samuli Tanner’, was released in 2017. Tanner’s new 8-inch release contains “Pack of improvised pieces played with some samplers, effects and a synthesizer. Recorded on Maxell XLII chrome tape with Marantz PMD-430 recorder.”

ARTTU PARTINEN has been making music over 15 years. Some of his projects (most visible being the long-lived band Avarus) were central in the international breakthrough of the “New Weird Finland” genre around 2005-2006. As a solo artist, he has been known as Amon Düde, but in recent times also under his own name. In his performances, he combines noise dynamics with slapstick moves. He often seems to struggle with his gear, surprising himself as well as the audience. As sound sources he uses found tapes, his own recordings, world music cassettes, nature sounds, human voice, processed live percussion etc.

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