An Evening of Ambient

Andrea Camporotondo

[ówt krì] w/ Lauri Peltonen & Sonja Peuhkurinen, dance

19.11.2022 at 18:00
-free entrance-

Live ambient sounds
18:00 the doors
18:30 Sonja Peuhkurinen
19:15 [ówt krì] w/ Lauri Peltonen
20:10 Andrea Camporotondo

Sonja Peuhkurinen
Sonja Peuhkurinen is a flute player and contemporary dancer from Helsinki. Her musical work is focused on creating calm flute ambient. She is particularly interested in art’s ability to deepen and brighten life.
[ówt krì]
[ówt krì] is Helsinki-based Dark Ambient sound project that started late 2005. The project is a solo effort of Kenneth Kovasin, a self-taught sound artist from Helsinki, Finland. Kenneth creates soundscapes mainly through looping sounds created by effects and self-made instruments.
Lauri Peltonen
Lauri Peltonen is a Finnish multidisciplinary artist who has worked in many fields of art. He is best known for being a guitar virtuoso and a dancer, those two often going hand in hand in various kinds of performances, but he has also worked in experimental film, music videos, improv theatre and the list goes on…
Andrea Camporotondo
Andrea Camporotondo is an Ambient Post-Rock/ Experimental Guitarist.
Developing a mix of Analog and Digital soundscapes, to which he creates either rhythm pulsations mixed with melodic guitar noises and phrases.
Using primarily analog and digital effects , and traditional tube amplifiers, creating washes of otherworldly or classic clean and raw guitar sounds, by manipulating waves, and time.

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