Tony Gerber + [ówt krì]

LIVE @ Akusmata

August 2, 2015, 7pm

Free entry with a voluntary donation

Tony Gerber

– Native Flutes, Synthesizers, Electric Guitar, Harmonica, Theremin, iPad Software

Tony Gerber is a live space music pioneer and Nashville music scene trailblazer. He has been performing live music in front of audiences and live radio since he was 9 years old. For his space music projects he mixes a love of electronic music with guitars and native flutes.


[ówt krì]

– Synthesizers, Electric Guitar

[ówt krì] is a Helsinki based one man project that utilizes dark ambient, industrial and noise sounds to create soundscapes. After the 2013 release of his debut CD, he started playing live shows and since 2014 he has played gigs in Finland and the US.

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