Tony Gerber & Giles Reaves (USA) / Satoi / [ówt krì]

Tuesday, July 17, 2018 at 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM

Doors 18:30, showtime 19:00
Voluntary entry fee 5e

Tony Gerber

Tony Gerber is a live space music pioneer and Nashville music scene trailblazer.
Gerber has been performing live music in front of audiences and live radio since he was 9 years old. For his ambient space music projects, live and recorded, Gerber mixes a love of electronic music with guitars, occasional vocalizing and native flutes. He has created over 40 releases since the mid 80s on all the different mediums including vinyl, cassettes, CDs and downloadable albums.
Gerber is very active and prolific playing live music and recording, being
a dad and a husband. “I enjoy my life filled with passions”, he has stated.

Giles Reaves

Though his music is of the progressive electronic variety, this keyboardist and percussionist got his start through country music channels. While living in Nashville in the ’80s, Reaves hooked up with producer Marshall Montgomery and ended up working as his assistant engineer. Eventually Reaves’ own music caught the ear of MCA producer Tony Brown, who signed the synthesist up to the company’s Master Series label. Reaves recorded two solo albums and one collaboration with Jon Goin before a tightening in the music market forced MCA to let go of artists on its instrumental sub-label. In 1993, Reaves released Sea of Glass through Hearts of Space Records, which was his biggest hit yet. He also took on production gigs through Nashville, working on recordings by artists like Lisa Germano and Bedlam. He also joined Spacecraft and worked with Tony Gerber through the ’90s until the release of his next solo album, 2001’s Sacred Space.


Satoi is an electronic music artist from Helsinki, producing ambient and techno, quite often creating in between the two genres. His sets are full of warmth in darkness, not unlike a melancholic hug. In this event he will play an ambient set full of atmospheric hope for a better future.

[ówt krì]

[ówt krì] is the main creative project for Kenneth Kovasin, a self-taught sound artist from Helsinki, Finland. Its first digital release was published in 2006, and the following formative years resulted in a number of digital and CDr-releases and multiple compilation appearances.
Come 2013 and the first CD-album, carrying the name The New Seed, was published by Alrealon Musique. The first [ówt krì] live shows became reality in the following year. After some digital and cassette releases, the second [ówt krì]-CD called Pilgrimage was published in 2015 by Erototox Decoding.
Since then, the project has played a multitude of domestic shows (including many at events which Kenneth has co-organized) along with gigs in Sweden, Estonia the east coast of the United States.
The project’s latest releases as of May 2018 are the digital albums Psychological Warfare and Roihupurkaus (a collaboration with fellow sound artist Saliatahn), both of which were published by Sombre Soniks.

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