Jarmo Huhta


Sound installation, spoken words, soundscape, musical passages, visual elements

Open 26.4. – 4.5.2018 (closed on Tue 1.5.)

Opening time: Mon-Fri 14-18.


Sunny Sunday afternoon.
Shining streets, sidewalks full of people.
Children eating ice cream, balloons floating in the air.
Waving hands.
A few job seekers, twenty-something.
Hooray for the parade!
It’s a day before tomorrow.

Balloons is an installation consisting of spoken words, soundscape, musical passages and visual elements. It’s done mainly using piano, inside piano effects and human voice.

Jarmo Huhta: sound and text
Joonas Alapoti: speech
Janne Karjalainen: setting
Elisabeth Szwarc: additional vocal
Laura Lehtola: additional vocal
Emmi Holopainen: photography

Jarmo Huhta is a Helsinki-based musician and sound artist. He has made sound and music for various video and dance works, installations and paintings. Huhta has also released music under the name Twile. He is writing doctoral thesis on electronic music, listening experiences and technology.


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