During this season Akusmata has prepared new projects. Akusmata will open the Mutanoid website soon for the electronic instruments and Akusmata Concert Serie will start in November.

Akusmata has a new 4-channel PA-system (4x 1220 W) for live concerts. The main speakers are Electro-Voice ZX5-90 (pair) and the three surround speakers are D.A.S. M.I. 12. We have three mixers (Soundcraft Delta, Behringer 1204 FX and Fonic), Drawmer DL241 dual-channel ‘auto compressor’, Digitech 4-channel FX processor, guitar amplifiers and various microphones, like Rode NT5 (matched pair), Neumann K 84 (pair), 5x Sennheiser, OKM Soundman (binaural), AT and other stuff.

More information on the upcoming activities will be published soon here…

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