Aural Ataraxia presents:

Live ambient electronic music from Russia, Hungary and Finland at Akusmata Sound Art Gallery

Saturday April 23, 2016

Doors at 19:00, Showtime at 20:00
Tukholmankatu 7 K, 00270 Helsinki, Finland

Free entry with a voluntary donation.

Timetable / Aikataulu 23.4.2016

19:00 Doors open / Ovet auki

19:00 Kenneth Kovasin / [ówt krì]: ‘Urban Evolution’ (soundscape)

20:00 Re-Drum (Russia) / link

20:30 Rovar17 (Hungary). [ówt krì]

21:00 sarana / link

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Vital Weekly: Re-Drum from Russia is one of Emerge’s steady touring buddies and sometimes (or maybe most of the times) they also end up playing together, such as on this recording from two years ago. It was recorded in a concert series called ‘Noise Angriff’, which translates best as ‘noise attack’, so the result is also a bit louder than one would expect. Using lots of electronics, loop devices, sound effects (delay, reverb), and the two create a rich palette of sounds and it stays never anywhere long, giving the music quite some vibrancy. There isn’t much noise to be found on this work, but I found it all rather spacious and slowly meandering about, with occasional small sounds popping up in the mix. Head trip music!

The Rovar17 (Insect17 in English) is basically Kálmán Pongrácz’s solo project, but different kinds of collaboration often occur with musicians, visual artists, performers as well as theater. The music is made by audio collage technique, which rejects the traditional sound system, harmony, melody, even rhythm, and creates compositions from inconsistent and untempered sounds, noises, natural or electronic – but mostly human voices.

‘Spectral ambient music’. On the new album:
Melancholy Paradox will be out in 2016 on vinyl and digital. It’s a compilation of old and new material. Unlike the live sets it’ll be a collection of carefully composed single tracks. The album will be released by Erototox Decodings from the USA. Harmonic music is an exception in the world of sounds. Still, any sound except noise is not a random collection of frequencies, but a certain set of harmonics, resonances and fundamentals. This in turn makes the resulting music also not random, but a contained space of frequencies, which never quite repeat themselves and which are in constant change.

*   *   *

Kenneth Kovasin / [ówt krì]: ‘Urban Evolution’

On saturday from 19:00 until showtime you will have a chance to listen to the Soundscape of Kenneth Kovasin / [ówt krì] titled “Urban Evolution”. “Urban Evolution is a soundscape that dives deep into our modern reality that is tainted with urgency and technology. Every moment in the soundscape is a unique mixture of noise, ethereal ambience and environmental sounds. The sounds are tied together in an ever-changing flow of textures and contrasts that open your soul to harsh industrial landscapes.”

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