six-channel sound installation
22.8. – 30.8.2013

The installation is part of the Night of the Arts (Taiteiden yö) / Helsinki Festival programme

a work that contains information on all branches of knowledge or treats comprehensively a particular branch of knowledge usually in articles arranged alphabetically often by subject
(New Oxford American Dictionary)
Noise is bad. Urban noise is even worse. But is it possible that amidst the unwanted and irritating might be something beautiful and soothing? The aim of EOUBBN is to examine the aesthetic qualities of various readily encountered urban broadband noises recorded in Helsinki metropolitan area. It is striving to get beyond the usual good/bad, pastoral/urban, natural/artificial juxtapositions and present the captured noises in their most engaging form. The sounds come and go, like clouds, one after another, taking the installation space into their possession.

Jari “Suopo” Kauppinen is a sound artist and sound designer. He had his first solo sound exhibition ”The Phantasmagoria of Sound Physiology” in 1997. He has worked extensively with sound and music as an independent sound artist, composer and musician creating a multitude of works in the fields of sound art, music, radiophonic works, site-specific sound art, sound installations, performances, electronic instruments and so on. He has also been taking part in the work of numerous production groups, theatre and dance companies by designing and realizing soundworlds to dozens of theatre and dance productions, performances, installations, exhibitions and spaces. Currently he is a lecturer of sound design in the University of the Arts Helsinki.