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Ville Olaskari’s Vola is a one man operation, “I make mainly custom noisy stuff like guitar effects and synths. I do also electronics, art, design… and I sell them.”

In the concert at Akusmata Ville played his self-built electronic instruments, Ville also demonstrated these at YLE’s tv program that was documented at Akusmata.

At Moogfest 2016, Ville Olaskari won the first prize in the Moog Circuit Bending Challenge 2016. Below the link to his demonstration video. Mike Sisk: “Ville Olaskari of VOLA Noisy Stuff demonstrates his amazing first place winning entry to the Moog Circuit Bending Challenge. Ville built this very cool sequencer and a few various kid’s toys built into video game style cartridges. Each cartridge could then be plugged into the sequencer and then it would control and sequence the sounds made from that original toy. So many other controls of how it played back as well but I will link his build video below instead of trying to describe it all. I think he did an awesome job and the judges agreed and awarded him first place. Congratulations Ville!”