Olli Aarni


◎ itse tuotettuja luonnon ääniä ◎ yms. – – – – – reality music

╰╯                                     ぃ          ╮

╙             ╲ feedback, field rec, kollaasi, synteesi, improv…

▍ ▎ ▏                                                        ↑↓                                   (…isaatio…)

↗ takaisinsyöttö ┅/(kenttä-äänitys ❄ ☀ ☁ ❅ )


▓L I V E (2008–): Suomi ░ Sverige ░ Росси́я ░ Eesti ░ Deutschland▓ …

Olli Aarni will be familiar to some in previous guises Ous Mal and Nuojuva, with albums under both released through Preservation. Using his own name for these feather-light excursions, Aarni’s playful sense of melody often works in an abstract relation to his interest in nature.

On Muovia (Finnish for ‘plastic’), Aarni creates a kind of artificial pastoralism, a knowing replication taking inspiration from old New Age music tapes found in flea markets. Combined with the teetering, eroding way of William Basinski’s music, Muovia is tingling and meditative, drifting with hypnotic feeling but also unabashedly pretty.