Jukka Hautamäki

Sound and media artist Jukka Hautamäki (b. 1971 Oulu) lives and works in London, UK / Helsinki, FIN. Hautamäki works with found materials, electronics, sound, light and video.

Hautamäki’s sound performances are microscopic studies into raw electronic sound. He will adress the concept of “forced” improvisation: his intentional challenge of using difficult interfaces, and turning chaos and trash-aesthetics into instruments of live electronics. He experiments by integrating bodily performance with media technology. His music style has been described as electronic black metal.

Hautamäki has performed live in Europe and North America. Performance venues include La-bas Biennale, Lal lal lal and AAVE festivals in Helsinki, Ges21 in St. Petersburg, Mengi in Reykjavik, Avatar Centre in Quebec City, MTI in Leicester, Studio Loos in The Hague, Electric Knife in London, Madame Claude in Berlin and Trans Pecos, Harvestworks, CT-SWaM at Fridman Gallery in New York.

Interview by Avatar Centre (Quebec City, Canada) 12/2012: