Industrial/Noise musician Luciann Waldrup (Durham, USA) loves horror films and comic books and confesses that she finds a certain comfort in gore; her music, like the sticker that now sits on top of it, betrays that same fondness for slow ruin. “I like to watch systems crumble and things fall in on themselves”. “I like to feel that happening. And then I like carrying out the residue of the sounds, peeling back those layers at the very end.”
Waldrup started making music around 1999, while living on a New Mexico commune that included a recording studio. She wanted to learn how to make music, but the studio’s digital options seemed limitless and complex to the point of being counterproductive. Instead, she asked to use a four-track to capture the sounds of static and household items before slowly building those into systems she could map and even reproduce.

Nearly two decades later, she’s still exploring that method. In 2012 Luciann Waldrup adopted the Housefire moniker. During burnthemasters (Hot Releases, 2015), you can hear beats, melodies and textures sampled and spliced from pop songs, a Disney tune, thunderstorms, movies and YouTube clips. “Once people find whatever their thing is, they can speak through it more eloquently than the language of the tongue. There are no limits,” she says. “I always wanted to find the hardest, craziest, most intense sound, but I’ve always had this refusal to learn how to play an actual instrument. I had to find another way to do what I wanted to do.”